Badminton for gymnasium students during the month of health

For those not in the know, we hurry to inform you that February 2013 is a month of health.

We could not resist the temptation to do something useful and so we agreed with Vilnius Simonas Daukantas gymnasium that the students will be presented badminton. Only those that are interested, of course.

And even if the Wednesday of February was quite cold, it was warm, cosy and nice inside the sports hall because of laughter and positive emotions.

Just during one and a half hours the students managed to learn a lot — rules of badminton, proper racket grip, footwork, and of course trying to hit a shuttle where oponent is not present.

We say a huge thank you to the management of St. Cristopher gymnasium for a chance to use a sports hall, and invite you to take a look at several photos from the event.