Men of authority — carriers of badminton virus

Alright, maybe not exactly men of power or authority. But the good people at "Sveikas miestas / Healthy City" (which, truth be told, are really much closer to Vilnius city municipality than You or us) again take care of citizens' health and physical activity. Hence, Jurgis Pauliukas came up with the idea, upon nobodys orders, but with the offer of "Sveikas miestas" and our approval, we are participating in a project "Nuo sofos / Up from the sofa".

The idea is simple and fun — sport clubs and organizations participating in the project provide Vilnius citizens with an opportunity to try the sporting activity for free, at least three times. For the impression not to wear off, the three times have to be used during a period of one month. The information about new offers is published in a weekly "Laisvalaikis".

Since badminton is a little specific and the courts aren't rubber and do not stretch according to number of people, we agreed that during a single month it's maximum two free visits, and the remaining one can be used during the next month. In this way we will spread out the visitors more evenly and avoid overcrowding.

So, invite your friends, relatives guests and aliens, everybody is welcome from 2012 December 21 until 2013 February 21.

After that you are equally welcome, only we can't promise three visits for free..