Badminton tournament „Li-Ning Christmas shake-up 2012“

Organizers: “Badminton Virus” and Vilnius Academy of Arts.
Why: Because for once we have to take control of ourselves, stand up from the Christmas table and shake well to get rid of all the excess food!
Where: Vilnius Academy of Arts sports hall, Malūnų st. 5, Vilnius
When: 2012 m. December 27 d. Starting at 17.00, finishing at latest 22.00.
Umpires: Main and most fearful — Deimantas Čekanauskas. Participants will be umpiring on courts.
What and how are we going to play: Womens' and mens' doubles, mixed doubles. Those willing to finish themselves off (given any remaining time) will play singles. Pairings are provided during registration, if no pair available — we will choose your pair randomly. Exact format of the game will depend on the amount of participants, but you should play at least 5 or 6 matches.
Participating: Those playing (or played) badminton in „Badminton virus“ club or Vilnius Academy of Arts. Yes, not everybody is accepted. At least for the first year of the tournament. But we leave ourselves the option to make exceptions, just in case. The level of participants — more or less C group of Lithuanian cup.
Starting fee: Yes. We need to cover the costs of hall rent, shuttles and prizes!
I want to register: Registration by email, ends two days before the tournament. the sooner, the better.
Shuttles: We will provide plastic shuttles. If you want, you are welcome to play with your own feather shuttles.
Responsibility: To arrive, depart, pay starting fee — those costs you will have to cover yourself, unless you find sponsors. If you strain your ankle or do something else to yourself, you are responsible. So warm up properly before the tournament!
If I win: You'll get a diploma, and a box of feather shuttles Li-Ning Phoenix (
Licenses: No Lithuanian badminton federation licenses are needed.


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