8th cup of Lithuania, second leg — sometimes less is more

If anybody would ask what would be the optimal amount of players in a tournament, where 4 events out of 5 are played and all places distributed, the answer became clear after 8th cup of Lithuania, 2nd leg, where players of Cs level participated.

The answer is below, but before that let us take a look at how did the tournament go for the delegation of 6 "Badminton virus" players:


Marius Šlaustas won bronze


Milda Pranckevičiūtė together with Rasa Balčiūnaitė placed 4th


The duo of Marijus Bičkovas and Javier Bish Merchan made a pleasant surprise and in their maiden tournament together comfortably defeated a strong pair of Arūnas Petkevičius and Vygantas Garmus in straight games 21:12, 21:16, in their first round. The final achievement of Javier and Marijus is 4th place.

Marius Šlaustas in a pair with Sergėjus Klodt placed 7th


Rasa Balčiūnaitė and Nidas Kijauskas were 10th, and Milda Pranckevičiūtė with Valentas Stončius — 12th


Was not played


If you read until the end, the promised answer (nothing mystic or religious) — 39. Each player could play in no more than two events, hence the amount of matches played and the ratio of waiting / rest to frequency of playing was just ideal.